Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things I Learned at the Yankee Game

Thanks to loyal Banter reader and good friend @CMG1983, I was able to attend last night's Rays-Yankees Game at the Stadium. We sat in the Legend Suites, four rows behind third base with an unlimited, 8-inning buffet.

Here's what I learned:

1) Tracy Morgan does not like being called Brian Fellows. Prior to the game, we were sitting underneath the Stadium enjoying a feast when Mr. Fellows walked in amongst a four-man posse. I called him by this name, and he returned a death stare in my direction. Lesson learned.

2) Alligator tastes delicious. At the pregame feast, we indulged in the reptilian delicacy known as "alligator fritters." I'm not sure if it was the tail or the stubby legs that tasted so good, but I had more than my fill.
3) Miguel Cotto, the professional boxer from Puerto Rico, is much more disciplined in preparation for his big June 5th event than I am. As Cotto stuffed his face with sushi and fruit, I was devouring reptile.
Tale of the Tape
Cotto vs Banter
Miguel -- First Name -- Miguel
Puerto Rican -- Nationality -- Croatian
5'7 -- Height -- 6'0
147 -- Weight -- 194
67" -- Reach -- 74"
30 -- Age -- 26
Stadium Slugfest -- June 5th Event -- Wedding
Tribal logo on right shoulder -- Tattoo -- None
Edge: Banter

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I haven't seen a trucking this bad since Corey Gleason introduced himself to the catcher from Great Britain in the summer of 2004.