Friday, August 30, 2013

College Football Picks: Week 1

Heading to Vegas this weekend to put these games in myself. Can't wait.

Ohio +20.5 at Louisville
Alabama -20 vs Va Tech
Clemson +1.5 vs Georgia
Eastern Washington +27 at Oregon State
BYU -1 at Virginia
Central Michigan +31.5 at Michigan
Villanova +17 at Boston College
Toledo +24 at Florida

Upset of the Week: North Dakota State +14 at Kansas State
Pick of the Week: Western Kentucky +5 vs Kentucky

I have a lot of faith in the top-level FCS teams (see Towson over UConn last night) playing mid to low-level FBS schools.

Also liking the cream of the lower FBS non-BCS conferences against overrated teams from BCS conferences.