Saturday, October 31, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 8

The Picks

Detroit -3.5
Jets -3
Eagles -1
Green Bay -3
Jacksonville +3

Season Record: 17-20

Thursday, October 29, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 9

The Picks

Florida State -9
Baylor +13
Florida -15
Wake Forest +7.5
Kansas +7
Northwestern +25

Pick of the Week - Central Michigan +5.5

Season Record: 31-24-1 (PoW - 4-4)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 7

The Picks

Kansas City +6: The Chiefs are playing hard these days which is more than you can say about almost every other bottom-feeder in the league.

Oakland +7: The Raiders always play the Jets tough.

Buffalo +7: Can the Bills save Dick Jauron's job again this year?

Atlanta +4: The 'boys may cover, but I cannot figure out this spread at all. The Falcons should be favored here.

New Orleans / Miami Over 47: The Saints may get to this number by themselves.

Season Record: 15-17

Friday, October 23, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 8

The Picks

South Florida +7: The Bulls have had 10 days to prepare for this one. I think they surprise Pitt on the road.

Arkansas / Ole Miss Over 53: Jevan Snead gets hot... finally. Letdown week for the Hogs.

Iowa State +19: I don't like this game at all, but since I'll be there, I should have a rooting interest. Huskers 34, Cyclones 17.

Maryland +7: It's automatic - if Duke is favored, bet against them.

Michigan +5: The Wolverines broke out of their funk last week. Penn State hasn't proven anything this year.

Kansas +7.5: What do the Sooners have to play for at this point?

Mississippi State +23: No team in the country has played a tougher schedule than the Bulldogs. They won't be blown off the field.

Oregon State +21.5: The Beavers always play the Trojans well.

Pick of the Week - Washington +10: In Jake Locker, I trust.

Season Record: 27-19-1 (PoW - 4-3)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Incredible Stat

From the unparalleled Michael Lombardi talking about the Denver Broncos:

"They’re for real — and last night proved it to me. I’ve always been concerned about their age and lack of real speed in the secondary, but after playing well the past two weeks against some very good passing teams, I’m a believer. Not allowing the Chargers a third-down conversion in the second half was impressive, as is giving up only three points in the second half all season. This is the fourth consecutive game their defense has held an opponent to zero third-down conversions (0/23) in the second half. The Broncos have allowed only two second-half third-down conversions this season (one each in Week 1 and Week 2). These numbers are a credit to their defensive staff for being able to make the right halftime adjustments. And as we all know, football is a game of adjustments."

Three straight games without allowing a third down conversion explains everything. 6-0 is not an accident.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 6

The Picks

Jacksonville -9.5: I know they got shellacked last week in Seattle but the Rams are pathetic. They average < 7 points per game.

Detroit / Green Bay - Over 48: My shootout of the week.

New York Giants +3: The Saints can make a believer of me if they cover here.

Tampa Bay +3.5: Josh Johnson's coming out party.

Denver +4: Still, no one believes in the Broncos. Why?

Season Record: 14-13 (Survivor: Eliminated)

Friday, October 16, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 7

The Picks

Texas -3: The Longhorns are better than last year. The Sooners are worse. Texas won by 10 last year.

Iowa +3: Wisconsin looks ready for their midseason swoon.

Texas Tech / Nebraska Over 61: Everyone loves a high-scoring affair.

Notre Dame +11: Regular readers know that nothing would make me happier than being wrong here. I am begrudgingly backing the Irish here because I think they can hang tight.

Georgia Tech +3: My preseason pick to win it all would garner some notice by pulling off the upset here. It might even get them back into the Top 10.

Pick of the Week - Army +10: Temple as a 10-point favorite? No thanks. The Black Knights are smelling a bowl game. How can you root against them?

Season Record: 24-17-2 (PoW - 4-2)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, my baseball predictions could not have been worse as my two World Series teams both got swept in the Opening Round.

But, let's not dwell on the negative. It looks like I am hitting my stride in college football.

NCAA Football

Week 6: 5-1-1 (Pick of the Week - 1-0); Season Record: 24-17-2 (PoW - 4-2)


Great call - Recognizing the 'Bama defense as tops in the nation.

Good call - Expecting a shootout in the Auburn-Arkansas game.

Awful call - Guessing that Georgia would bounce back from a devastating loss.


Week 5: 3-3; Season Record: 14-13 (Survivor: Eliminated)


Great call - Giving the Bengals the respect they deserve.

Good call - Guessing that the Chiefs would compete at home.

Awful call - Everything about the Jacksonville pick.

Fantasy Football

Work League: Lost 100-35; 3-2 on the season - This was my worst defeat ever in fantasy football. My team sh!t the bed in a big way.

Friend league: Won 155-135; 3-2 on the season

Saturday, October 10, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 4

The Picks

Cincinnati +9: The Bengals deserve a bunch of respect. They are one freak play away from 4-0.

Detroit +10.5: If Stafford plays, I think they can hang tight.

Kansas City +9: Chiefs, show some pride, would you?

Oakland +16: I'm hoping Eli doesn't play and the Raiders defense keeps the game relatively close.

Jacksonville Pk: One of the league's hottest teams takes on one of the coldest.

New York Jets Pk: the Jets always seems to play well in Miami.

Season Record: 11-10 (Survivor: Eliminated)

Friday, October 9, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 6

The Picks

Auburn / Arkansas Over 66: Everyone loves a shootout.

Georgia +1.5: Out to prove they got jobbed last week.

Alabama / Ole Miss Under 46: Both defenses are underrated.

Baylor +26: Baylor is not half bad.

Washington +3: The Huskies at home seem like a no-brainer, which makes me a bit cautious.

Texas Tech -16: K-State is awful.

Pick of the Week - Houston -2: The Cougars' season could go one of two ways: they could prove last week was a fluke and run the table the rest of the way or they could throw in the towel. I think they'll go the former route.

Season Record: 19-16-1 (PoW - 3-2)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MLB Playoff Predictions


Yankees over Twins (3-1)
Red Sox over Angels (3-2)

Red Sox over Yankees (4-2)


Phillies over Rockies (3-0)
Cardinals over Dodgers (3-1)

Cardinals over Phillies (4-2)

World Series

Cardinals over Red Sox (4-3)

Playoff / Wold Series MVP: Mark DeRosa

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

A great football weekend (thanks in large part to a successful Saturday) made for a very enjoyable two days.

NCAA Football

Week 5: 5-1 (Pick of the Week - 1-0); Season Record: 19-16-1 (PoW - 3-2)


Great call - Hitting the Maryland pick despite no indication this team has any talent.

Good call - All the rest, really.

Awful call - None as the lone loss came in OT.


Week 4: 3-3; Season Record: 11-10 (Survivor: Eliminated)


Great call - Predicting the 49ers' shutout.

Good call - Betting against Seneca Wallace.

Awful call - Thinking the Chargers would hang with the Steelers (the score ended up being much closer than the game)

Tough break - Missing the Giants / Chiefs under by half a point.

Fantasy Football

Work League: Won 120-70; 3-1 on the season

Friend league: Won 151-111; 2-2 on the season

Friday, October 2, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 4

The Picks

Oakland / Houston Under 42: Until the Raiders can prove they score on someone, I'm going to ride the Under in their games.

NY Giants / Kansas City Under 42.5: This game seems like a carbon copy of last week's Giant game. The Chiefs' slow offense stands little chance.

St. Louis / San Francisco Under 38: I smell a shutout.

Indianapolis -10: Seneca Wallace starting at QB = immediately bet against the Seahawks.

New York Jets +7: In a high-scoring affair, I trust the Jets defense to make a few more stops than the New Orleans D.

Chargers +6.5: The Steelers have struggled without Troy P manning the middle of the secondary, and the Chargers throw the ball about as well as anyone.

Season Record: 8-7 (Survivor: Eliminated)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 5

The Picks

Michigan +2: How are the Wolverines 'dogs against a 1-3 Spartan team?

Maryland +13: I know it's a down year for the Terps but they always play Clemson tough, especially at home.

South Florida -6.5: The Bulls are riding about as high as possible. The 'Cuse, not so much.

Miami (OH) +30: We must protect this house.. or at least lost by less than four touchdowns.

Washington +13: Notre Dame has barely survived two weeks in a row. Can Jake Locker end that run?

Pick of the Week - Alabama -16: How is this game different than last weeks Florida game for the Wildcats? It's not.

Season Record: 14-15-1 (Pick of Week - 2-2)