Friday, October 9, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 6

The Picks

Auburn / Arkansas Over 66: Everyone loves a shootout.

Georgia +1.5: Out to prove they got jobbed last week.

Alabama / Ole Miss Under 46: Both defenses are underrated.

Baylor +26: Baylor is not half bad.

Washington +3: The Huskies at home seem like a no-brainer, which makes me a bit cautious.

Texas Tech -16: K-State is awful.

Pick of the Week - Houston -2: The Cougars' season could go one of two ways: they could prove last week was a fluke and run the table the rest of the way or they could throw in the towel. I think they'll go the former route.

Season Record: 19-16-1 (PoW - 3-2)

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