Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vince Young, Theo Fleury and Some Cool Links

*Maybe there is hope for Vince Young after all (not on the field of course). Classy move.

*Theo Fleury was thisclose to making it back to the NHL. I would have loved to see that.

*This is incredible. I love the cackling.

*I love it when fans do stupid harmless things. This one might take the cake.

*If you hate punts, head down to Arkansas.

*Want to be a professional athlete? Don't expect to get rich or stay rich. I wish I could say that I used this as the basis for not pursuing a sports career. Unfortunately, it was really my lack of athletic talent that left me no choice.


*The proof is in the pudding. Please fire Omar.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Banter Man Crush Update

Justin Smoak, World Cup MVP.

Next stop: MLB All-Star Game.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 3

The Picks

49ers +7.5: Does no one believe in Mike Singletary? I do.

Texans -4: Team coming off huge victory against visiting team coming off tough home loss.

Saints / Bills Over 51.5: The Saints are averaging 46.5 points through two weeks.

Chargers -6: Miami has done nothing this year to make me trust them.

Panthers +8.5: DAW single-handedly keeps this one close.
Season Record: 6-4 (Survivor: Eliminated)

Friday, September 25, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 4

The Picks

Alabama -15.5: Arkansas lost at home last week against a Georgia team that can't hold a candle to 'Bama.

Florida State -13.5: Four-year starting QB lost for the season? I'll take my chances.

Northwestern Pk: Throw the common opponent (Syracuse) out the window. I'm sticking with Kafka.

TCU +3: BCS-buster weekend.

Oregon State -2.5: Is this a center ants? This spread needs to be "at least three times this size."

Washington State +46: I'll feel good for the first six possessions. After that, I'll sweat a bit.

Pick of the Week - Southern Mississippi +14 : See TCU.

Season Record: 10-12-1 (Pick of Week - 1-2)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Pick Recap


Week 2: 3-2

Season Record: 6-4


Week 3: 5-3 (Pick of Week - 0-1)

Season Record: 10-12-1 (Pick of Week - 1-2)

Friday, September 18, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 3


Boise State -7: Fresno is coming off a heartbreaking 2OT loss on the road at Wisconsin. Now, they deal with the juggernaut of a squad.

Kansas - 22: Duke is a joke. Kansas will be able to throw it all over the field.

Tennessee +29: I have a lot of confidence in DC Monte Kiffin. They won't win and they may not score more than 10 points, but I think Kiffin can figure out a way to "contain" Tebow.

Tulsa / Oklahoma Over 58: This line seems curiously low.

Northwestern -3: Wildcats QB Mike Kafka will make a name for himself.

Cincinnati PK: Bearcats-Beavers = Game of the Week.

UCLA -12: Kansas State is awful. The Bruins are coming off a huge road victory.

Pick of the Week: Toledo +21.5: I'll have the Buffaloes for my appetizer and Buckeyes for the entree. Mmmm.

Season Record: 5-9-1 (Pick of Week - 1-1)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 2


Texans +7: This is a gut-check game for Houston. Are they a team other teams should fear or are they on their way to a(nother) disappointing season.

Packers -9: The Bengals aren't exactly known for having the best character. After last week's devastating loss, does anyone think they'll respond with a great performance? Count me among the non-believers.

49ers -1: San Fran has the most impressive showing in my mind during Week 1. We have no idea how good Seattle is since they only had to play the Rams at home.

Lions +10: AP might run for 350 yards but I think Detroit makes it interesting.

Giants +3: Although not overly impressive in Week 1, the G-Men have a solid defense and a capable offense.

Survivor Pick: Packers

Week 1: 3-2 (Survivor - 1-0)

Season Record: 3-2 (Survivor - 1-0 - Ravens)

Perfect Fit for the Spurs

Check out this video to see why this Spurs' draftee will be a perfect fit on their team. The guy doesn't celebrate in any manner after hitting a game winning jumper in a big game of international competion**. Another boring player in San Antonio. Rejoice, rejoice Spurs fans.

**To be completely fair, his teammates looked like zombies walking off the bench after the final buzzer. Maybe, there was a carbon moxoide issue in the arena I can't see in the video, but I think not.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Pick Recap


Week 1: 3-2 (Survivor - 1-0)

Season Record: 3-2 (Survivor - 1-0)


Week 2: 3-4-1 (Pick of Week - 1-0)

Season Record: 5-9-1 (Pick of Week - 1-1)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Separated at Birth?

The fat guy from More to Love and the Lions franchise QB Matthew Stafford.

Hopefully for Detroit, a city that has suffered enough, this is not an ominous sign.

Friday, September 11, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 2

Live Week 2 (Week of the 'dogs) Picks from Vegas:

Iowa State +7
Buffalo +10.5
Marshall +19
Houston +15
UCLA +10
Missouri -18.5
LSU -14

Pick of the Week: South Carolina +8

Season Record: 2-5 (PoW: 0-1)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 1

Going to Vegas tonight so this will be quick.


Steelers -5: Defending champs typically play well on Opening night.

Broncos +4.5: It's almost automatic, when the Bengals are favored, I'll take my chances.

Jaguars +7: Jacksonville always gives the Colts fits in Indy.

Ravens - 10: It will be an upset if the Chiefs score more than 10 points.

Panthers Pk: Carolina has some unfinished business after last year's postseason collapse.

Survivor Pick: Ravens

Season Record: 0-0

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

College Picks - Week 1 Recap

Some awful, some great calls in Week 1. Not exactly the start I was looking for, but it'll have to do.

Awful Calls

Nevada looked pathetic against the Irish.

Maryland got smoked early and often.

Good Calls, Sort of

USC didn't need to pass when they could run all over the field.

I now believe in Michigan.

Great Calls

The winning score in the Baylor / Wake game was 24, as predicted.

Alabama and V-Tech have some great athletes.


2-5 (Pick of Week: 0-1)

Monday, September 7, 2009

NFL Props and Futures Picks

Win Totals

Chiefs - Under 6: Have the Chiefs improved at all from last year's disaster? They only won two games last season. This is my pick of the year.

Browns - Under 7: Again, where is the improvement going to come from? This team won four games last year and traded one of their best players (Kellen Winslow).

Broncos - Over 6.5: Denver plays Kansas City and Oakland twice each, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. That should be six wins right there.

Lions - Under 4.5: I feel like a broken record, but where are the five new wins coming from?

Packers - Over 8.5: The offense will be awesome. Hopefully the defense shows up.


1000-Yard Rushers in the NFL - Over 16.5: I have faith in Peterson, Turner, Williams, Portis, Jones, Slaton, Forte, Johnson, Grant, LT, Jacobs, Jackson, Lynch, Gore, Ward, Smith, Westbrook, Brown, Rice, Parker, and Moreno.

Jason Witten Touchdowns - Over 6.5: Without TO in town, Witten becomes Option #1 in the red zone.

Matt Forte Rushing Yards - Over 1150: The presence of Jay Cutler only helps Forte, who rushed for 1238 yards last season.

Kevin Smith Rushing Yards - Over 1050: Smith was not the feature back last season. Now, he is.

Brett Favre Touchdowns - Under 21 coupled with Brett Favre Interceptions - Over 18.5: My hedge prop. I do not have confidence that Old Man Favre can stay healthy for an entire season. Betting on both of these scenarios independently could net me big money.

Percy Harvin Receiving Yards - Over 500: He will be a dangerous threat from Day 1.

Pierre Thomas Rushing Yards - Over 900: He's the feature back despite the presence of Reggie.

Marshawn Lynch Rushing Yards - Over 750: Lynch is out the first three games but this line seems incredibly low to me.

Jason Taylor Sacks - Under 7.5: A big reputation gets you nothing.

Fred Taylor Touchdowns - Over 2.5: This could happen in one game.

Vernon Gholston Sacks - Under 4.5: I hope I'm wrong, but I would take the under even if the line was 2.

Chad Ochocinco Receiving Yards - Under 1150: Without TJ Housh, Chad becomes the focus of the defensive gameplan. Plus, he's bound to be suspended for over-Twittering, isn't he?

Most Receiving Yards in the NFL - Vincent Jackson 20-1: He's the #1 receiver on a pass-happy team. Admittedly, it's a long-shot, but these odds are attractive.

Most Rushing Yards in the NFL - Kevin Smith 25-1: Again, not likely but the odds are attractive.

Odds to Win Super Bowl

Chicago 15-1: I'm not a proponent of betting on the Super Bowl champ this early because there are still solid odds when the playoffs begin. If I were forced to choose, the Bears would be my pick.

Note: Odds are from Bodog.com as of 9/6/09.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thoughts from the Couch on an Incredible Sports Weekend

College football, baseball, and US Open tennis make the first weekend in September one of the best sports weekends of the year.

Thoughts From The Couch

*I don't care how many outfield assists Hunter Pence racks up. He throws like a schoolgirl.

*I think football players should be flagged for excessive celebration when it's not warranted (ie anytime a touchdown isn't scored or change of possession does not occur). It's becoming pretty annoying when a running back gets stopped for a three yard gain on first-and-ten and the defense goes crazy. Pick your celebration spots.

*Last year, Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor wore eyeblack with the Buckeyes' emblem. During yesterday's narrow opening day victory, Pryor donned eyeblack that said "Vick." I wish I was making this up.

*I can't find a picture online, but the microphones on the umpire's chair at the US Open can best be described as anti-Bob Barker. They are ginormous. I thought advancements is technology would lead to smaller devices. Apparently, this is not the case for microphones.

*I am convinced Rafael Nadal wears a thong. No other type of undergarment could possibly cause that many wedgies in need of picking.

*Speaking of Nadal, at a charity event last week that was held near my office, Rafael Nadal was challenged with the task of returning 10 shots into the court of play against a ball machine set to a maximum of 50mph. All he had to do was put the ball in play 10 consecutive times to win the charity $10,000. He went 8-for-10. It was embarrassing. Based on this alone, I can't see the guy winning the Open.

*I saw Todd Martin on the street the other day. Somehow, he looks younger than he did during his playing days. I can't explain it. Maybe he's making a case to join Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez in the next round of Just for Men commercials.

*Which professional tennis players wear adjustable hats backwards? First it was Nicolas Kiefer, then it was Lleyton Hewitt. Pony up the extra five bucks and get a fitted hat so we don't have to see the ridiculous forelock in the front of your head. Either that or don't wear a hat.

I am in no way a fashion expert, but even I can see that you look stupid.

More Weekend Observations / Things I Learned Recently

*JD Drew's real name is David Jonathan. Why doesn't he go by DJ?

*Thing I Hate Most About Fantasy Sports: Everyone is an expert. Quick story to prove my point.

At a recent draft, I was able to convince an opponent who claimed to be knowledgeable about football that Darren McFadden was an Irish immigrant.

*I haven't read Sports Illustrated in quite some time but they used to (and still might) have a little blurb called "The Apocalypse is Upon Us." I think a woman leaving college early to play professional basketball would qualify. On a related note, I wrote about this same Epiphany a few years back when she scored over 100 points in a high school game marking the only other time I have written about women's basketball. Hopefully, this will be the last.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football Preview - Teams

The college football season kicked off inauspiciously last night (see Blount, LaGarrette).

Boise State played a solid first half, but I'm not convinced they are a National Title contender. College football has a way of weaning the pretenders out from the rest of the pack (think Penn State, 2008) and I would be surprised if the Broncos finished the regular season 12-0. My guess is they fall on the road at either Fresno State or Tulsa.

Here's my best guess as to what the final Top 10 rankings will look like:

1) Georgia Tech - At 50-1 to win the National Title, I love the Yellow Jackets. Just trust me here. Take a shot, sit back, and root for Jonathan Dwyer and this unconventional Paul Johnson offense to dominate the ACC.

2) Florida - The Gators' schedule consists of two tough games, a trip to LSU and the World's Largest Cocktail Party Game against Georgia. They will have two weeks to prepare for LSU, a team that has given them fits in Baton Rouge over the years, and Georgia has a brand new backfield this season.
I can't see them being beat during the regular season.
The National Title Game, however, is another story. By January, teams will be stacking the box with eight or nine guys every single play, making Tebow beat them with his arm.

3) USC - Before I started writing, I thought this was the year USC fell from the top of the ranks. Looking closer at the Trojans' sked, I can only see them losing two games, at Ohio State and at Cal. Both teams, however, are perennially overrated. I don't trust freshman quarterbacks. Neither should you.

4, 5, 6) Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma - They'll all beat each other and fall a game short of the BCS Title game. It will be a ton of fun to watch, though.

7) Penn State - It's Cupcake City, baby (channelling Dick Vitale)!!!! This schedule is laughable, the Big Ten stinks, and the Lions return a lot of talent.

8) Ole Miss - Hop on the back of Jevan Snead and enjoy the ride.

9) Southern Miss - Boise who? Here's my BCS-buster. They return a starting WB that threw for 3,000+ yards (Austin Davis), a RB that could break the all-time yardage mark in Division I, err, FBS history, and a WR that will be a top 10 pick in 2011 if he can stay healthy (DeAndre Brown). If the defense can hold up, this is your sleeper.

10) Alabama - The Crimson Tide don't have enough weapons this year, but fans should enjoy watching star linebacker Rolando McClain before he declares for the NFL Draft after the season.

Friday, September 4, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 1

The Picks

Western Michigan +13: I'll believe Michigan has turned the corner when I see it.

Baylor / Wake Forest Under 53.5: As we saw last night, it takes a while for the offenses to kick into gear. I could see 24 points winning this game.

Alabama / Virginia Tech Over 38: I know these defenses are good, but there are too many athletes in this game for us not to see some points scored.

Maryland +21: Cal is perennially overrated. Maryland is perennially underrated. Seems like a perfect match.

San Jose State +34: Matt Barkley might be a superstar eventually, but San Jose State can defend the pass. I don't like this matchup for him.

Miami / Florida State Under 48: It seems like every year this game is a defensive battle.

Pick of the Week

Nevada +14.5: I think Nevada has a shot to win this game outright. The media (ahem, Lou Holtz) have been all over the Irish pegging them to be a BCS-contender. Not so fast my friend.

Season Record: 0-0 (Pick of the Week: 0-0)

College Football - Season Picks

BCS National Champion

Georgia Tech: 50-1
Southern Miss: 100-1


Jonathan Dwyer: 30-1
Joe McKnight: 30-1

Teams That Will Surprise (Good Way)


Teams That Will Surprise (Bad Way)

Virginia Tech
Ohio State

Over / Under - Wins

Georgia Tech: Over 8.5
Southern Miss: Over 8.5
Penn State: Over 9.5
California: Under 9
Houston: Over 7