Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football Preview - Teams

The college football season kicked off inauspiciously last night (see Blount, LaGarrette).

Boise State played a solid first half, but I'm not convinced they are a National Title contender. College football has a way of weaning the pretenders out from the rest of the pack (think Penn State, 2008) and I would be surprised if the Broncos finished the regular season 12-0. My guess is they fall on the road at either Fresno State or Tulsa.

Here's my best guess as to what the final Top 10 rankings will look like:

1) Georgia Tech - At 50-1 to win the National Title, I love the Yellow Jackets. Just trust me here. Take a shot, sit back, and root for Jonathan Dwyer and this unconventional Paul Johnson offense to dominate the ACC.

2) Florida - The Gators' schedule consists of two tough games, a trip to LSU and the World's Largest Cocktail Party Game against Georgia. They will have two weeks to prepare for LSU, a team that has given them fits in Baton Rouge over the years, and Georgia has a brand new backfield this season.
I can't see them being beat during the regular season.
The National Title Game, however, is another story. By January, teams will be stacking the box with eight or nine guys every single play, making Tebow beat them with his arm.

3) USC - Before I started writing, I thought this was the year USC fell from the top of the ranks. Looking closer at the Trojans' sked, I can only see them losing two games, at Ohio State and at Cal. Both teams, however, are perennially overrated. I don't trust freshman quarterbacks. Neither should you.

4, 5, 6) Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma - They'll all beat each other and fall a game short of the BCS Title game. It will be a ton of fun to watch, though.

7) Penn State - It's Cupcake City, baby (channelling Dick Vitale)!!!! This schedule is laughable, the Big Ten stinks, and the Lions return a lot of talent.

8) Ole Miss - Hop on the back of Jevan Snead and enjoy the ride.

9) Southern Miss - Boise who? Here's my BCS-buster. They return a starting WB that threw for 3,000+ yards (Austin Davis), a RB that could break the all-time yardage mark in Division I, err, FBS history, and a WR that will be a top 10 pick in 2011 if he can stay healthy (DeAndre Brown). If the defense can hold up, this is your sleeper.

10) Alabama - The Crimson Tide don't have enough weapons this year, but fans should enjoy watching star linebacker Rolando McClain before he declares for the NFL Draft after the season.

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