Friday, September 25, 2009

College Football Picks: Week 4

The Picks

Alabama -15.5: Arkansas lost at home last week against a Georgia team that can't hold a candle to 'Bama.

Florida State -13.5: Four-year starting QB lost for the season? I'll take my chances.

Northwestern Pk: Throw the common opponent (Syracuse) out the window. I'm sticking with Kafka.

TCU +3: BCS-buster weekend.

Oregon State -2.5: Is this a center ants? This spread needs to be "at least three times this size."

Washington State +46: I'll feel good for the first six possessions. After that, I'll sweat a bit.

Pick of the Week - Southern Mississippi +14 : See TCU.

Season Record: 10-12-1 (Pick of Week - 1-2)

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