Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kerry Collins in the Pro Bowl and Other Thoughts and Observations

If anyone needed more proof that the Pro Bowl lacks any semblance of credibility, let's look at the numbers Kerry Collins put up this season and ask ourselves how in the world his performance warranted a free trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

QB Rating: 80.2 (NFL Rank: 23rd / AFC Rank: 11th)
Passing Yards: 2676 (24th /12th)
Passing TDs: 13 (T-24th / 13th)
Completion Percentage: 58.3% (26th / 13th)

Are you serious? For comparison's sake, here are Philip Rivers' numbers:

QB Rating 105.5 (NFL Rank: 1st)
Passing Yards: 4009 (5th)
Passing TDs: 34 (T-1st)
Completion Percentage: 65.3% (7th)

Unless Rivers rejected the offer to participate in the Pro Bowl this season, I am at a loss.

Other Thoughts and Observations

*Dwight Howard now belongs on the AwIK list. I'd categorize him in the "Guys You Wouldn't Expect" group.

*How awful of a place can Arizona be that Anquan Boldin despises it? Larry Fitzgerald has offered to rework his contract to keep Boldin happy. The coach that Boldin argued with during the NFC Championship game now coaches in Kansas City. The Cardinals' qaurterback will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

*I'm excited for today's Memphis at Gonzaga game. It should be a great one.

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