Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In case you missed it...

From The National Football Post: DT Will Johnson (6-4, 281) posted a remarkable 47 reps on the bench press and an impressive 5.07 40 time. He definitely caused a buzz at the Michigan pro day and should sign with a team soon after the draft.

47(!!!) reps!?!?!? Good Lord.

A few years back, Louisville CB Chris Johnson ran a 4.18 40 at the Combine and turned himself from no-name to draft-worthy. He got "4.18" tattooed on his forearms. I wonder if Will Johnson will do the same.


  1. Do you now have him rated higher than BJ Raji?

  2. Obviously, not.

    I am not trying to pick on Raji. However, if drafted in the top five, I think he will fail to live up to expectations.

    He looked great in the Combine-type settings, but he never dominated in college (HUGE red flag for potential top draft picks).

    I think Raji would provide good value in the 10-15 range.