Monday, March 30, 2009

An Optimist at Heart

Tomorrow, we will discuss the winter's worst offseason free agent deals, but first let's talk about that the wisest moves.

Best One-Year Contract: Orlando Hudson, $3.8m plus incentives, LA Dodgers - In October, Hudson figured he would be fielding multi-year offers at eight figures per (three years, $30m was floated). When the market fizzled, the Dodgers carpe diem'ed and signed Hudson to this bargain basement deal.

Honorable Mention: Joe Crede, $2.5m, Minnesota Twins - Crede provides Gold Glove-caliber defense and is only two seasons removed from a 30-homerun season.

Best Two-Year Contract: Adam Dunn, $20m, Washington Nationals - Aside from being a lock for 40 homeruns every year, Dunn provides legitimacy for a franchise sorely lacking it.

Honorable Mention: Brian Fuentes, $17.5m, LA Angels - I have repeatedly crticized the Angels' offseason moves, but this signing was a good one. If it works out as most expect. the Halos will have an equally-effective, cheaper K-Rod.

Best Three-Year Contract: Francisco Rodriguez, $37.5m, New York Mets - After two straight September collapses, the Mets needed bullpen depth and K-Rod provides it. He's probably a bit overpaid, but if he can help get the Mets over the hurdle and into the playoffs, he'll be worth every penny.


  1. "He's probably a bit overpaid"

    So then what the hell is he doing in a column about the wiset moves of the offseason? Shouldn't they have signed your two-year HM guy for far less?

  2. This article should be called "I have no basis for my opinions, and I just wanted to see what it looked like when I typed". K-Rod one of the best money moves? Are you kidding? What about Kawakami for the Braves, or Ramirez for the Marlins, or Abreu for the Angels? This article is terrible!!!

  3. really surprised the Royals signing of Juan Cruz didn't make this list.

  4. pretty silly to judge these moves before the season starts... just an opinion.

  5. Why did MLBTrade rumors even link to this article? It says nothing.