Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interesting Links et al

* Trivia Question: How many players from the 2003 NCAA Football Championship Game (Miami vs. Ohio State) have played in the NFL?

*Personally, I never grow sick of Wonderlic Test articles. Here's one that pacified me.

*Honey, I'm going to the game. I'll be back.... never.

*I'm a bit late to the party, but analyzing umpires seems like the next wave of sabermetrics. Along those lines, check out this article.

*This story is incredibly weird and not just becuase a 20-year old stud prospect has a 43-year old wife. Although Tabata might be older than his listed age, that's still a huge age gap.

*I need more details on this story. Specifically, what's the story with this scam? I am probably getting this wrong, but it seems like the scammers were trying to sell money in exchange for... money." Come over and buy our money at a discount."

*Trivia Answer: 51

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