Thursday, April 23, 2009

Overrated Players

Yesterday, we detailed the seven most underrated players. Here are the four players I think are most overrated* (in order of overratedness; yes, that's a word too).

Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State (mock draft position: 17): Put simply, I will question my fanhood of the New York Jets if they select Freeman with the 17th pick. He's got great tools (rocket arm, prototypical size), but he is not a skilled quarterback but rather a developmental project.

Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina (29): Nicks has below average speed, isn't elusive, and worst of all he's been rumored to have scored a 7 on the Wonderlic. This will not end well.

Pat White, QB/WR, West Virginia (72): I've had just about enough of the Pat White Hype Machine. He's a solid college quarterback and above average athlete. He's not going to revolutionize the NFL. Teams will figure out the Wildcat whether White is playing or not.

Everette Brown, DE, Florida State (18): A ho hum prospect, not a mid-first round pick.

*Rated based on Todd McShay's latest seven-round mock draft published on April 21st.

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  1. Nicks also gained 15 pounds since the combine. And the Giants are rumored to be really interested in him. Great.