Monday, June 8, 2009

MLB - Two Subtle Deals That Would Help Both Sides

The list of buyers this trading season figures to be extraordinarily short as only a few teams will be able to take on salary. However, teams willing to spend may be able to find a player or players that can push them over the hump and into the playoffs.

In both cases below, the team dealing the “established player” has very little chance of competing this year, and both established players will be free agents this winter. It would behoove these organizations to plan for next year and obtain a surer thing than draft picks (ie prospects that have proven something in the minors).

Cleveland sends 2B/3B Mark DeRosa to the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for minor league 1B Mark Trumbo: The Angels steadfastly refuse to deal homegrown talent. However, now might be the time for them to make a deal. Consider the following:

--It's been a depressing year in Anaheim since the Nick Adenhart tragedy. For morale alone, the team should consider a deal to shake things up.

--They are only 3.5 games in a weak AL West despite only 11 combined starts by John Lackey, Ervin Santana and Kelvim Escobar. Plus, the Rangers don't exactly have a great track record.

--They lack the big bopper necessary for postseason success (Vlad Guerrero is clearly past his prime). They lost Mark Teixeira this offseason, and they missed out on Manny Ramirez.

--Their offense ranks 10th in the AL in runs scored. Small ball only gets you so far (ie one-and-done in the playoffs).

--DeRosa would rank second on the team in home runs. As an added bonus, Erick Aybar and his otherworldly .390 slugging percentage head to the bench.

Baltimore sends 1B Aubrey Huff to San Francisco for minor league P Waldis Joaquin: As bad as their California neighbors to the south have been offensively, the Giants have been worse. They rank dead last in the NL in numerous categories (R, HR, OBP, SLG). However, their pitching staff has kept them afloat (3.78 ERA). In fact, despite the ineptitude of the offense, the team is only two games out of the wildcard lead. Huff, a frighteningly bad defender, would be worth the gamble as he would be the team's leading home run hitter.

Other Notes

**Best money I spent all year: $169 on MLB Extra Innings. For baseball fans, especially fantasy baseball enthusiasts, you will not regret it. (Side note: the announcers for the White Sox take the cake of biggest "homers". I thought the Yankees announcers were bad. These guys are realllly bad, often complaining aloud about the umpire's strike zone and making gross exaggerations like "all day we did not get a close call" on a routine basis.)

**Speaking of the Yankees announcers, I watched the Rays-Yankees game on Saturday, and color analyst David Cone described the fluid, effortless velocity of Tampa Bay LHP David Price by saying he has "easy gas." Funny thing because my fiance said the exact same thing about me, albeit in a slightly different context.

I'll be here all week... seriously this time. The blog is back full-time. Check tomorrow for an update.

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