Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two NBA Trades That Should Happen

These two deals would help all four teams involved, and they all work on the Trade Machine.

Memphis trades the 2nd overall pick to Minnesota in exchange for the 6th and 18th overall picks.

Why would Memphis do this?

1. Memphis doesn't need a point guard or center. The only players worthy of being selected this high happen to play those positions.
2. They could use the 6th pick to take Jordan Hill and the 18th pick to take another contributor (maybe, James Johnson). Hill would be a reach at 2 but a nice value at 6. He averaged a double-double last year (18 and 11).

Why would Minnesota do this?

1. Minnesota could use the pick to select Ricky Rubio, the point guard they covet and need.
2. Their undersized starting five of Rubio-Randy Foye-(the artist formerly known as) Mike Miller-Kevin Love-Al Jefferson could give team fits.
3. They have three first round selections but not enough room to house them all on the roster.

Real winner: Oklahoma City - If this scenario unfolded and Griffin and Rubio were off the board, Hasheem Thabeet would be ripe for the picking.

The Los Angeles Clippers trade Chris Kaman to Cleveland for Sasha Pavlovic, Daniel Gibson and JJ Hickson.

Why would the Clippers do this?

1. Over the course of the next five years, the Clips would save about $10 million.
2. They clear room in the frontcourt for Blake Griffin.
3. They take a chance on a player with huge upside (Hickson) while adding two solid role players.

Why would the Cavs do this?

1. When healthy, Kaman can be a dominant inside presence.
2. The LeBron window is closing quickly.

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