Monday, July 6, 2009

NBA Free Agents

Under-the-Radar, Unsigned Free Agents

Everyone knows Lamar Odom, Rasheed Wallace, Andre Miller and Shawn Marion can be had on the open market. However, the following players will cost a lot less and may provide better value.

Brandon Bass (Dallas): A dead-eye shooter from inside 15 feet. He will never be the focus of an offense, but he crashes the boards and knows how to help a team win.

Allen Iverson (Detroit): AI should not be the focus of a team's offense. He won't be too expensive and might thrive as a third fiddle.

Rasho Nesterovic (Inidana): Athletic seven-footers don't grow on trees.

David Lee / Nate Robinson (New York): The Knicks will probably lose these two if any team makes a serious offer so a sign-and-trade with a team like Phoenix could makes sense here. At least the Knicks would recoup something of value even if it's just a draft pick or trade exception.

Matt Barnes (Phoenix): Barnes had a solid if unspectacular season with the Suns. He's an incredible athlete and an ideal sixth man.

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