Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tonight, I had the privilege of attending a fundraiser for the Pediatrics Department of Mt. Sinai. The night was hosted by Sadina Gadecki, host of the World Poker Tour and girlfriend of New York Knick (for now) power forward David Lee. There was a silent auction and half-hearted attempt at a poker tournament.

Sabina Gadecki
I got a chance to talk to New Jersey Nets C Josh Boone, John Starks and the aforementioned Lee and Gadecki. Any preconceived notions I had about any of these individuals has evaporated as they turned out to be incredibly generous, wholesome people.
Most importantly, I implored / begged / pleaded with Mr. Lee to re-sign with the Knicks. So, if he does and you are a Knick fan, you can thank me later.

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