Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preseason NFL and Mr. Strasburg

I went to the Giants-Panthers game last night. Unfortunately, after travelling a... umm, circuitous route, we arrived late in the first quarter to see the first overall pick under center. Unfortunately, it was the first pick of the 2002 NFL Draft, David Carr, but the game was enjoyable nonetheless. (This portion of the post would have been better conveyed on Twitter but whatever.)

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I cannot express in words how much I love the Stephen Strasburg deal. It's great for both sides and the city of Washington. Finally, Nats' fans have something to look forward to.

Side note: In general, I like Keith Law's work. However, in this article, I take a bit of umbrage (h/t Ryan MacAvery) with the following:

They [Washington] just added a potential No. 1 starter to their organization for maybe 10 percent of what an established No. 1 starter would cost in free agency, and Strasburg gets the opportunity to walk in as the savior for a franchise that desperately needs a pitcher just like him. That's a win-win.

10%??? How does Law come up with this number? Strasburg signed a four-year deal for $15.1m. Is Law suggesting Strasburg is worth ~37.5m / year? I'm assuming not (since that would be 150% more than any pitcher in history has ever received); so, he must mean over the life of a longer contract, Strasburg would be paid in the ballpark of $150m. I have no idea how he arrives at this number. Only one pitcher in history has seen more money than that (CC Sabathia), and Strasburg is a completely unproven commodity (unless you consider the WAC a baseball proving ground). Johan Santana signed a 6-year, $137.5m deal last year, but Stephen Strasburg is worth $150m? Please.


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