Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stream of Consciousness While Watching MLB Extra Innings

As I have written countless times over the past four and a half months, I am a proud owner of the MLB Extra Innings package. "Up to 95 out of market games per week" was more than enough to sway me. I have not had much time to watch recently so I figured I would take advantage on a night that offered 11 out of market ball games.

Here are my thoughts while watching:

**Whatever happened to Delmon Young, uberprospect? Terrible build, no power, gomp-filled. It's awful. The guy was the first overall pick in 2003 for crying out loud.

**With Pablo Sandoval out of the lineup, the Giants offense is embarrassingly terrible (or terribly embarrassing). Never a good sign when Randy Winn hits in the heart of the order.

**Cliff Lee is dominant.

**There are an awful lot of balding baseball players. That can't all be steroids-related, can it?

**Is it too late for the Mets to have a fire sale? Would anyone buy any of these guys even at drastically reduced prices?

**Ian Kinsler does not get cheated when he swings; neither do Marlon Byrd or Josh Hamilton or David Murphy or any other member of the Rangers. Maybe that's Rudy Jamarillo's "secret to hitting": swing as hard as humanly possible in case you make contact.

**As much as they have been struggling, no American League team wants to face the Red Sox in the playoffs with Beckett and Lester atop the rotation.

**Mike Macdougal throws cheddar despite tipping the scale at <150lbs.

**The Padres announcer, while introducing the lineup, says "Hank White doing the catching" in reference to Henry Blanco. I love it. All names should be translated like that.

**Jose Reyes would be a lot less cool if he went by "Joe Kings".

**Not sure who has the better mullet-in-the-making: Jered Weaver or Mat Latos.

**If Kurt Suzuki is your cleanup hitter, it's probably best to plan for next season....immediately.

**My fantasy team is an absolute train wreck right now.

**HD is slimming (Exhibit A: John Kruk looks svelte).

**How dumb are these people going to feel if the tests come up clean?

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  1. You have written about MLB Extra Innings twice. I counted.