Tuesday, December 29, 2009


*How many base cloggers (getting angrier...) can we fit into a lineup? First Bay, now word that the Molina deal is imminent (seething....).

$22m per year can buy you a whole lot of starting pitching...which is what the Mets reallllly need.

Goodness. Send help. And by help I mean a new GM.

*Can the voters just add Blyleven to the Hall so we don't have to be bombarded with propaganda? Everywhere I look, it seems a new Pro-Bert article has just been written. He's a fringe HOF'er which is why it has taken 13 tries. It is certainly not an open-and-shut case. At this point, it seems like a pity vote anyway. I am in no way trying to belittle the HOF, but this is getting crazy. Enough.

*I tuned in for baseball analysis, not ... show ... tunes. Am I missing something?

Maybe, the Mets just have me frustrated... (And, yes, I am trying to break my own ellipsis...or is it ellipses... record for one blog. Success.)

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