Saturday, January 2, 2010

NCAA Bowl Game Notes

I love the college football bowl season. Even so, I would love realllllly love a playoff.

I digress, here are some thoughts while watching this week's games:

*I love Toby Gerhart, the college player. In fact, I think he should have won the Heisman Trophy. However, as a caucasian running back, he is fighting 40+ years of NFL history. I am not saying it's impossible for him to succeed at the next level, but when was the last time a white tailback did anything in the League?

*Two Gambling Rules to Always Follow:

1) Never bet against any of the Armed Forces. (Navy, Air Force, Army, the Coast Guard JV team, etc). Just don't do it.

2) Never bet a significant amount of money on a team coached by Les Miles.

You will thank me later.

*Tracy Wolfson > Sam Ryan > Erin Andrews. There's no debating this.

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