Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trades That Make Sense: Broncos-Redskins

Broncos trade WR Brandon Marshall and their first round pick in 2010 (11th overall) to the Redskins for their first round pick in 2010 (4th overall) and their second round pick in 2011.

Why it makes sense?

*Denver wants a first rounder for Marshall. Getting a 2011 second rounder plus moving up seven slots in this year's first round would represent the same (if not better) value.

*With the fourth overall selection, Denver can select S Eric Berry from Tennessee. Broncos need an infusion of youth on the defensive side of the ball. Berry fits the bill as a game-changer in the secondary. He would make a great pair with Brian Dawkins who is on his way towards retirement.

*Washington can still get a great offensive tackle with the 11th pick, whether it be Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga, Trent Williams or Anthony Davis.

*The two teams have made megadeals before (Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis).

*Mike Shannahan has worked with Marshall before so he knows what he is getting.

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