Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baseball Stats to Ponder

-After striking out two Padres in an inning of work last night, Carlos Marmol now has 100 punchouts in 55.2 innings. Wow.
-Of the 11 "lifers" - a 10-year vet that has only ever played on one team - currently playing in the Majors, four could conceivably leave/retire at year's end: Chipper, Helton, Varitek, and Chavez. Jeter's not going anywhere, and the Blue Jays only wish they could deal Wells.
-Matthew Berry of ESPN has popularized this sort of thing, and I always enjoy it as perceptions are not always in touch with reality. Check out the stats of these two rookies:
Player 1: 428 ABs, 12 HR, .287 BA, .453 Slg, .352 OBP, 74 K
Player 2: 359 ABs, 12 HR, .256 BA, .437 Slg, .369 OBP, 92 K
Player 1 is Gaby Sanchez. Player 2 is Jason Heyward. 
What can be gleaned from these numbers? Probably not a ton, but it's food for thought.
-The first year of Target Field has not been kind to home run hitters. Drop the Twins down your fantasy boards accordingly next season.
-Lastly, a link that has nothing to do with baseball- Tara Reid (predictably) fell off quite a bit, as did Shannon Elizabeth (not so predictably). Everyone else really hasn't changed.
BC - 8/18/2010

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