Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Links

-Joe Pawlikowski of Fangraphs' fame doesn't seem as surprised as I was with the release of Brad Hawpe.
-Dave Cameron breaks down this past offseason's good moves. [Fangraphs] Unfortunately for the D-backs, they won't have much to show for their efforts.
-Mila Kunis, are you serious? [TMZ] begins it's college football preview with the Big Ten, ACC, and Big East.  
-Glad Percy Harvin will be alright.
-Insight into the Revis negotiations by Andrew Brandt. [NFP]
-Entertaining Matthew Berry fantasy football column.
-Yesterday, Deadspin introduced us to Alec Cortez. The Banter does some investigation and finds his stats at prestigious SBVC. We're a full service operation.
-The Deadspin link: a mailbag.
-Daily Buster Olney blog. [ESPN Insider; password required]
-Did anyone watch L&O: SVU on Wednesday night? I just caught it on DVR, and it was the only episode of the show I have ever disliked. Way too many holes in the story. Better not be a sign of things to come. On that note, I'm off to watch some older episodes.
Have a great weekend.
-BC 8/20/2010

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