Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Links

-We mentioned the Rays as a good fit last week for Brad Hawpe. Now, it's a reality. [Twitter / Ken Rosenthal]

-Buster Olney blog. [ESPN Insider; password required]

-Jayson Stark's Rumblings & Grumblings. [ESPN]

-A crushing blow to the Nationals and their fans. Both of them. [Yahoo! Sports]

-A link to Aaron Gleeman's links. []

-Awesome individual effort by Gronk to find the end zone. []

-Andrew Brandt (quickly becoming a sight favorite) breaks down the Nick Mangold deal. [NFP]

-More Jets stuff. David Harris, drafted a round later than Darrelle Revis has no problem producing and honoring his contract knowing the team will take care of him later. [Newsday]

-More basketball sabermetrics. If these sabermaticians (or is it sabermatricians?) want us to buy into their numbers, mathematically proving it's not a good idea to call a timeout - and prolong a game - seems like a great start. [HSAC]

-The always entertaining Deadspin mailbag.

-A sick alley-oop to get you ready for the weekend:


BC 8/27/2010

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