Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Links

-Investment advice from Mark Cuban. [Cuban Blog]

-I would probably agree with this headline despite the fact is was written by someone presumably in New Orleans. []

-Lombardi. []

-Matt Williamson of ESPN (password required) identifies each NFL team's most indispensable player.

My three strongest points of contention:
1- No Peyton (puts this whole list into question)
2- MJD should rank higher (maybe top 3)
3- Ryan Mathews being on this list (he has never played a down in the NFL).

-Can one or more these guys be bargains in 2011? My guess would be Adam Laroche provides the most value. [The Baseball Analysts]

-Win probability graph of yesterday's Braves-Rox game. [Fangraphs]

-Should the Pirates spend money to win games? []

-Of the ideas listed, I like #5 best, but I'm not sure any improvements/changes to the current waiver claiming process are in short order for MLB. [Walk like a Sabr]

-NBA Sabermetrics: to foul or not to foul when up three. [HSAC]

BC 8/26/2010

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