Monday, September 27, 2010

11 Things I Know I Know

Peter King of publishes his "Ten Things I Think I Think" each Monday. In an attempt to outdo the writing legend, let me introduce "11 Things I Know I Know" - a weekly commentary on the weekend's NFL games. This can be expected each Monday or Tuesday.

1. I know Michael Vick is back. His four-touchdown performance was the stuff of legend. His 61-yard touchdown toss to DeSean Jackson in the first quarter crushed the Jaguars' hopes ten minutes into the game.

2. I know the Chargers screwed up their clock management. Here's the situation: San Diego trails 27-20 with no timeouts remaining. Clock reads 0:48 when Malcolm Floyd gets tackled in bounds at the Seattle 12 yard line. By the time, the Chargers get to the line, there are 30 seconds left. Philip Rivers decides to spike the ball here to stop the clock. However, there was no need for the spike. This cost San Diego a down and more importantly an opportunity at the end zone. Their second and third down plays resulted in incompletions. They line up for fourth down with a full 21 seconds on the clock, proving my point that they didn't need the spike on first down. Rivers - knowing he needs to find the end zone on fourth down - tries to force a throw into traffic and is intercepted by Earl Thomas to end the game. Terrible, terrible clock management.

3. I know the Bucs are still the Bucs. Yes, they jumped out to a 2-0 start this season, but look at the teams they beat: Cleveland and Carolina, both 0-3. This team is not ready to make the jump just yet.

4. I know Leon Washington is making the Jets look really bad for trading him. His two monster kick-off returns (101 and 99-yards respectively) in the second half propelled the Seahawks to victory. Meanwhile, Joe McKnight - the player the Jets basically got in return for Leon - did not even dress last night.

5. I know Garrett Hartley will have some sleepless nights this week. Shanking a 29-yarder in OT would get most kickers fired. He may have a little leeway but not much.

6. I know rumors of the Cowboys' demise were exaggerated. Huge win for Jerry's 'boys yesterday. Season-saving.

7. I know the Jets should have benched Braylon Edwards for last night's game. Maybe I'm not a realist, but every once in a while, morality should dictate our actions. There is absolutely no excuse for Edwards' actions this week.

8. I know Eli Manning is not an elite NFL quarterback. If not for the David Tyree helmet catch, I would imagine the rest of the country would also realize this. He makes too many dumb decisions (see yesterday's left-handed flip) to be trusted. In fairness, his receivers drop too many passes too.

9. I know Chris Johnson doesn't look quite right. He put nice fantasy numbers yesterday - 125 yards, 2 TDs - but he looks genuinely disinterested when running. Take away his 42-yard scamper, and he averaged only 2.6 yards per carry against a porous Giants rush defense. I would put the chances of him reaching 2,500 yards this season at about 10,000-to-1.

10. I know that I did not foresee Austin Collie and Brandon Lloyd leading the league in receiving yards after three games. Great performances by both yesterday.

11. I know the Packers will win tonight by a score of 24-20. (I also know that I'm sitting 10-2 with my picks - college and pro - this week heading into tonight's game.)

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