Thursday, September 16, 2010

College Football: Week 3 Picks

Hawaii +12: The Rainbows can score. They put up points and rack up yards through the air. After last week's 45-point stomping suffered against Cal, the Buffaloes seem primed for another letdown.
Illinois -7
USC -12
Vanderbilt +12: Didn't Ole Miss just lose at home to Jax State?
Texas -3
Arizona +2: Time for my Sleeper of the Year to make a move. If they win this one,a top-12 ranking can't be too far away.
Best Bet: East Carolina +20: After being embarrassed by James Madison at home, the Hokies' season is basically shot. Sure, they can win the ACC and get to a BCS game, but this is a relatively meaningless non-conference game to them and they'll never be able to shake the stigma of losing to an FCS school. East Carolina can score, and few teams in the country have more momentum coming into this weekend. They beat Tulsa on Opening Weekend thanks to a Hail Mary, and they smoked Memphis last week. I think they can at least keep this one close.
Upset of the Week: Temple +7: I hate hate hate picking against UConn, but I think Temple is for real this year (or as real as they have ever been).

Record: 9-4 (Best Bet: 2-0; Upset: 0-2)  

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