Wednesday, September 8, 2010

King Felix Deserves the Cy: Exhibit 7

I am not one to spend much time debating awards and Hall of Fame candidacies. However, when I see something as egregious as CJ Wilson outranking Felix Hernandez in any Cy Young race, I have no choice but to speak my mind.
If Hernandez fails to win the award this season, it will be a travesty. According to ESPN's "Cy Predictor" such a scenario will play out. In fact, by their calculation, Felix ranks seventh in the AL (Wilson ranks fifth). What a joke.
Here are some of the King's numbers:
IP: 219.1 (2nd in MLB)
K: 209 (1st in MLB)
ERA: 2.30 (3rd in MLB)
WHIP: 1.09 (8th in MLB)
Quality Starts: 27 (1st in MLB)
Quality Start %: 90% (1st in MLB - by a wide margin)
Tough Losses: 7 (2nd in MLB)
Opponent OPS: .597 (2nd in MLB)
Wins: 11 (37th in MLB)
He has been dominant in nearly every start this year. His team has failed him offensively, but to say any other pitcher has been more "outstanding" this season would simply be incorrect.
Ironically, his peripheral numbers across the board are better this year than they were last season, a year in which ESPN predicted he would win the Cy.
A closing thought - Connor Glassey of Baseball America had this to say about the King yesterday: 99 of the 162 players that have made their Major League debuts this season are older than Felix.
A scary thought for the rest of the league.

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