Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noteworthy NFL Players Cut

Bobby Carpenter (Rams) - Of first round bust and getting referred to as "Barbie" fame
Herman Johnson (Cardinals) - Behemoth, 6'9", 390lbs offensive lineman out of LSU
Sam Aiken (Patriots)
Clint Ingram (Eagles) - Crushed by tearing his ACL in back-to-back years
Troy Smith (Ravens) - Former Heisman Trophy winner
Rhett Bomar (Giants) - Last week, it looked like he would win the backup QB job; this week, he's gone
Andre Brown (Giants) - Another popular "sleeper" gone
Ian Johnson (Vikings) - Of proposing to his girlfriend after the Fiesta Bowl fame
Colt Brennan (Raiders) - Of Hawaii / June Jones / ultra-spread offense / choke against Georgia fame
LeGarrette Blount (Titans) - Of punching a Boise State Bronco in the face fame
Chris Simms (Titans) - Of his father's fame
James Hardy (Bills) - He coulda been something
Graham Harrell (Packers) - Of putting up gaudy numbers under Mike Leach fame
Michael Clayton (Bucs)
Hunter Cantwell (Panthers)
Brett Ratliff (Browns) - Of getting traded as a key component in the Mark Sanchez deal fame
Patrick Turner (Dolphins & Jets) - Of getting released two times in two days by two teams fame
Pat White (Dolphins) - It's probably best for his health if he never plays another down in the NFL

Matt Jones (Bengals) - Of getting arrested for narcotics fame
Willie Parker (Redskins)
Juaquin Iglesias (Bears) - 2009 3rd round pick that never panned out as planned; I had high hopes for him
And finally, Jarron Gilbert (Bears) - Man made famous jumping out of a pool. Apparently, the freakish athleticism didn't translate to the gridiron.

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