Sunday, October 17, 2010

11 Things I Know I Know

1. I know the Eagles have a quarterback controversy on their hands. By now, everyone is familiar with the success Michael Vick has had. Now, Kevin Kolb has thrown his hat back in the ring by racking up 326 yards through the air and three touchdowns on 23-29 passing against the Falcons - a team I thought was the best in the NFC. As John Madden often said, when you have two quarterbacks, you have none. Andy Reid's head may explode especially if he has to worry about game management too. Speaking of heads exploding, DeSean Jackson was obliterated by Dunta Robinson. Both left with concussions and did not return.
2. I know the Packers had better be worried. After losing at home to the Dolphins, Green Bay finds itself at 3-3 after six weeks. Their next five games - Vikings, Jets, Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons - come against teams with legitimate playoff aspirations (yes, I am including Dallas). IT's make or break time for Aaron Rodgers and the banged up Pack.
3. I know the Jets got hosed on at least four big calls throughout the game against Denver, but the biggest call of the day went their way. The pass interference call drawn by Santonio Holmes was of the ticky-tack variety, but the Jets took advantage and look to be the NFL's best team at the moment.
4. I know the Patriots kept pace with the Jets and are lurking. Tom Brady brought his team back from 10 down in the fourth quarter to improve New England's record to 4-1. Good thing for them because four of their next five games come against San Diego, Minnesota, Pitsburgh, and Indianapolis. No picnic. Deion Branch seems to have been a solid re-addition.
5. I know the Saints played their best game of the year at a time when they needed it. Drew Brees looked great slinging the ball around the field and throwing for three touchdowns and 263 yards. The Saints also rushed for 212 yards en route to a 31-6 victory.
6. I know the Vikings are alive and well. After a huge win over the Cowboys, Minnesota finds themselves a half game behind the Packers (struggling, see above) and a game and a half behind the Bears (4-2 start seems to be a mirage). They get Sidney Rice back in the next few weeks, and once Randy Moss gets familiar with this offense, watch out.
7. I know the Chiefs blew a golden opportunity. Thomas Jones put them up by 10 with seven minutes to play. Then, things fell apart as the Texans scored 14 unanswered points to win 35-31. Had the Chiefs been able to hold on, they would be sitting two and a half games up on every other team in the AFC West.
8. I know the Giants are better than I have given them credit for being but are not elite. They let the Lions - a team using their third-string quarterback - hang around for way too long. The G-men had no answer for Calvin Johnson, and the secondary has to give them cause for concern. However, they have the best record in the NFC and can put a dagger in the Cowboys' playoff hopes by beating them next week on Monday Night Football.
9. I know I was surprised by the play of Colt McCoy who held his own against the Steelers. He threw for 281 yards and a touchdown in his starting debut and kept the Browns close for a majority of the game before ultimately falling 28-10. Considering opponent, situation, and weapons at his disposal, Colt earns a solid B+ from me.
10. I know hell has almost frozen over as the NFC West teams went undefeated this weekend. My playoff sleeper Rams beat the Chargers at home, the 49ers took care of neighborhood business against Oakland in one of the year's most boring games, and the Sehawks went on the road (yes, the road) to beat the Bears. An amazing weekend for the division, and I'm sure not what Arizona had in mind going into their bye week.
11. I know the Jaguars will beat the Titans by a score of 22-20 thanks in large part to the foot of Josh Scobee. MJD needs to get untracked and what better place to do it than MNF?

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