Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NBA Playoff Predictions and Prop Bets

Playoff Predictions
Eastern Conference
1st Round: Miami over New York; Chicago over Boston; Milwaukee over Charlotte; Orlando over Atlanta
2nd Round: Orlando over Miami; Milwaukee over Chicago
Conference Finals: Orlando over Milwaukee
Western Conference
1st Round: LA Lakers over Denver; Utah over LA Clippers; Dallas over Oklahoma City; Portland over San Antonio
2nd Round: LA Lakers over Portland; Utah over Dallas
Conference Finals: Utah over LA Lakers
NBA Finals: Utah over Orlando
Prop Bets
Utah 20/1 to win NBA Championship - I love the Deron Williams / Al Jefferson combo. Great value.
Bobcats over 39.5 Wins
Mavs Over 49.5 Wins
Amare Stoudemire 35/1 to win MVP - In Mike D'Antoni's system, he could put up huge numbers and rejuvenate a dormant franchise.
Deron Williams 40/1 to win MVP - See above.

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