Saturday, November 6, 2010

NFL: Week 9 Picks

Another 3-2 week...I can get used to this.
Bucs +8.5 - Someway or another, Josh Freeman seems to lead these guys into competitiveness each week.
Dolphins +5 - Miami is 4-0 on the road. Let's see someone knock them off before betting against them.
Seahawks +7 - I bet against the Giants every week and get bitten so take this with a grain of salt, but Seattle plays really well at home, and I think they can keep this close.
Best Bet: Oakland -2 - Are the Raiders back? If they can win this game, the NFL will take note.
Upset: Bills +3 - It's about time Buffalo got off the schneid. 

Record: 23-16-1 (Best Bet: 5-3; Upset 4-3-1)

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