Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things That Make Very Little Sense

Listen closely. That celebration you hear comes from Adam Dunn's representation. Why are they so happy? Elias just released their official free agent rankings.
Grant Balfour and Arthur Rhodes will be Type A free agents. Adam Dunn will not.
He will be a Type B free agent.
The man has hit 38 or more home runs in each of the last six seasons while racking up an OBP of .381 and OPS of .914 over that same time. His OBP+ was 134 (or 34% better than league average). A dream DH if I have ever seen one.
Luckily for Dunn, he will be able to sign with any other team without that team having to surrender any picks. 
Washington will receive a supplementary first rounder from MLB, but they grossly miscalculated Dunn's value at the trade deadline this year. Dunn likely would have brought back a nice crop of prospects. Instead, they'll get the (approximately) 40th best player in the draft.

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