Monday, December 13, 2010

Early MNF Thoughts

**Game Situation: Giants have second and goal from the Vikings' seven-yard line with eight seconds left in the first half leading 7-3.
My idea: As soon as Eli Manning dropped back to pass, I think the Vikings should have tackled every eligible receiver immediately.
Why: This would have taken at least four seconds and would have resulted in a four-yard penalty. So, the Giants would have had first and goal from the three with four seconds to play. At that point, there is a 100% chance the Giants kick a field goal to ensure scoring points before the half.
What Actually Happened: Manning completed a seven-yard pass to Kevin Boss for the touchdown, a 14-3 lead, and ultimately the game [Note: I'm calling this at halftime].
You have to think outside the box a little.
**Does Brett Favre have the biggest right hand you've ever seen? There are no jokes attached to this. His hand is enormous.
**Gross uniforms, Houston. Has any team EVER been successful in the all reds?

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