Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Was the Cliff Lee Signing A Blessing for the Mets?

I started writing this over the weekend, but never got a chance to finish. Then, in today's blog I saw Buster Olney posted this:
I've been trying to convince some friends who are Mets fans that the Cliff Lee signing is good for New York, in the big picture. Here's the logic: The Mets are probably not going to be very good in 2011, and maybe even 2012. So, by 2013, when the Mets theoretically have rebuilt themselves into contenders, Lee will be 35 years old and the Phillies could have a roster top-heavy with older and more expensive players.
Way to completely steal my thunder B.O.
Cliff Lee agreeing to a five-year deal with the Phillies has sealed the fate of the New York Mets in 2011: they are playing for second place, at best. With a rotation of Roy Halladay, Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels the Mets simply cannot compete for 162 games. However, this is a good thing for the Mets:
+By Opening Day 2012, Halladay (34), Lee (33), and Oswalt (34) will be in their mid-30s.
+Now, the Mets can focus on 2012. After 2011, the contracts of Carlos Beltran ($20.07m), Oliver Perez ($12m), Luis Castillo ($6.25m), K-Rod ($15.5m including buyout), and Jose Reyes ($11m) come of the books. Of these five, only Reyes remains likely to be with the club in 2012 and beyond. If they can find a taker for Johan Santana (something I have urged the Mets to do since last year's August deadline) and possibly Jason Bay, the team would be able to start completely from scratch in 2012 with only David Wright and DJ Carrasco under contract for that year.
+Expectations could not be lower in and around Flushing. If ever there was a year to rebuild, this is it. With the Yankees, Jets, Giants, and Knicks stealing the headlines until at least February, the Mets can lay low and save money.
+Sandy Alderson has the luxury of taking his time. Omar Minaya did not. This means assets can be allocated to the draft. (In a rare piece of good news, the Mets will likey receive a supplemental first round pick if/when the Yankees' signing of Type B free agent Pedro Feliciano.)
There was some more, but these were the major bullets.
As a Mets fan, I really do think the Lee signing was a good thing for "us."

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