Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 13: 11 Things I Know I Know

1- I know that Tennessee has folded, something I never thought would happen under Jeff Fisher. The Titans have now lost five straight games, including all four since claiming Randy Moss off waivers. Jacksonville deserves some credit today - especially newly minted MVP candidate Maurice Jones Drew - but Tennessee only rushed for 57 yards on the day. How can that happen when you have the league's best running back? On a related note, I'm going out on a limb and predicting Chris Johnson won't even reach half of his 2,500 yard goal (he's at 1,026 with four games to play). Two games against Indianapolis' swiss cheese running defense could hurt me, but we'll see.
2- I know that during the Giants-Redskins game referee Walt Coleman said that "Denver" would be charged with a timeout as a result of an unsuccessful challenge. It's only been three years since Mike Shannahan coached in Denver. It was the highlight of an otherwise forgettable game fans in New York were stuck watching for three hours.
3- I know losing to Joke Delhomme at home is simply inexcusable for a team claiming to be a playoff contender. It was nice knowing you this year, Miami. Gambling note: The Dolphins have alternated wins and losses for their last nine games. Take heed next week before betting on the Jets.
4- I know the Cowboys and Vikings waited too long to make coaching moves. These two teams look have great since disposing of Wade Phillips and Brad Childress, respectively. IS this finally the end of the Brett Favre era? We can only hope.
5- I know Tampa Bay blew a golden opportunity on Sunday to gain the respect of the entire NFL. First, they decide to don the creamiscle-orange jerseys instilling fear in precisely no one. Then, they blow a 10-point fourth quarter lead at home against the conference-leading Falcons. This was Tampa's most meaningful game since 2007, and they looked shaky at best.
6- I know the Chargers had better take care of business next week against the Chiefs if they have any intention of playing meaningful January football this season. After an embarrassing home loss to Oakland - in a game they were 13-point favorites - they are two games behind Kansas City and tied with Oakland for second place on the division. However, they have lost all three games to those two teams this season meaning they lose all tiebreakers if it comes to that.
7- I know Marvin Lewis should be the next coach fired. His team is immature and undisciplined. Prime example: Saints have the ball at the Cincinnati seven, fourth and two with under a minute to play, Bengals lead by three. Drew Brees comes to the line of scrimmage with one goal, drawing the defense offsides. Did it work? Of course it did. It was the Bengals. First down. Brees connected with Marques Colston on the go-ahead score on the next play. Unacceptable.
8- I know Peyton Manning will not make the playoffs this season. The Colts' defense has been abysmal, and the offense has given away 28 points in the last two weeks on interceptions returned for touchdowns. You can't win like that. Peyton's arm and 1970's-style elbow pad look incredibly weak.
9- I know the St. Louis Rams are heading to the playoffs. I have been on the bandwagon since Week One, and despite all of the ups and downs, it will all be worth it. Sam Bradford has been the answer to all the prayers originating in Missouri.
10- I know Chris Collinsworth is the best color analyst in the game. A great example, in tonight's Steelers-Ravens game he called Bryant McFaddenn's performance "terrible so far." Few have the courage to call it like they see it. The Collinsworth-Al Michaels combo is hard to beat. [Thank God Heath Miller is not paralyzed. That was the cheapest of cheap shots.]
11- I know the Jets will upset the Patriots tomorrow night, 27-23. New York consistently plays well on the road and they always play New England tough. The two teams are tip-toeing into the game, not wanting to upset the other. When that happens, the tougher team wins, and I think the Jets are a better all-around team than the Patriots.

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