Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What An Awful Week for UConn

In the last eight days the following events have transpired at UConn:
12/27/10: Men's Basketball team gets smoked at Pitt, 78-63, ruining a perfect 12-0 start.
12/30/10: Women's Basketball team loses 71-59 at Stanford, the team's first loss in 90 games
1/1/11: After not selling their ticket allotment and having to eat millions of dollars in losses, the Football team gets crushed by Oklahoma 48-20 in the Fiesta Bowl.
1/2/11: Head Football coach Randy Edsall jets town basically in the middle of the night to accept the same position at the University of Maryland.
1/4/11: Men's Basketball team loses at Notre Dame, 73-70
To recap, neither basketball is undefeated anymore, the football team got waxed on national television, and the head coach fled faster than a criminal.
Is there any way we can erase all of these events from the record books, a la Reggie Bush and the Heisman?


  1. Yeah, well you still have Maya Moore there for a couple more months....

    "At one point early in the first half, she faked to her left, took one dribble to her right, stopped on a dime and hit a flawless 15-footer. It was a great basketball move – women’s basketball, men’s basketball, Martian basketball or otherwise – that few elite athletes can execute."

    .... Before she goes to the NBA

  2. Don't forget the latest hit to the football program. Apparently Edsall's top recruit was a QB expected to lead the team next year. Now with him going to Maryland, the kid is upset and doesn't want to keep his commitment to the University.