Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bracket Thoughts


*On Thursday, I'll reveal my final bracket.

*Can we stop calling these four play-in games "first round" games?


*Ohio State and North Carolina are playing their first and second games at home (Cleveland and Charlotte, respectively). Huge edge, as if they needed it.

*Newark, the site of the regional, figures to be a neutral site.

*This seems like the most difficult bracket. I can make a case for at least six teams winning this region.


*Kansas will have homefield advantage throughout the tournament.

*The Louiville-Vandy-Richmond-Morehead State combo is the worst quartet in the first two rounds.

*Purdue and Notre Dame get to play at home for their first two games.

*If Texas A&M can sneak by Notre Dame in round two (assuming a round one victory), they'll be the home team in this regional despite being a 7-seed.


*Duke playing at home for the first two rounds despite being in the "West" region.

*This is the weakest region of the four. Duke lucks out again. Shocker.

*I have been planning my upset pick of UConn since last Friday. Unfortunately, none of their opponents or potential opponents in the first two rounds can challenge them. They are headed for Anaheim.


*The upset bracket. Things could get crazy here.

*I love the Wisconsin-Belmont matchup. Complete difference of style.

*Florida gets to play at home for the first two rounds.

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