Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch Up, Thoughts, and Observations

It's been way too long since my last post. I have been working on another project (details below) and hope this catch up post will bring us back up to speed.

*It's Opening Day!!! One of my top-10 days of the year, maybe even top-5.

*I was recently hired to do some writing for I will be covering the Texas Rangers this season. You can follow here: (RSS-friendly).

[Check back often as I get paid-per-click. Thanks. ]

*My Rangers Offseason Review / Season Preview article, can be found here.

*I tweeted this yesterday, but how on Earth can the Washington Nationals justify spending $126m on Jayson Werth and then have the audacity to send Livan Hernadez to the mound on Opening Day? Why bothering trying?

*My crazy Opening Day prediction: one of today's games will determine a playoff spot.

I am not sure if it will be the Brewers and Reds battling for the NL Central, or the Tigers and Yankees battling for the AL Wildcard, or the Dodgers and Giants battling for the NL West, but one of these teams will look back at March 31st and think "if we had only won that game..."

On to some non-baseball stuff...

*If Adam Schefter wasn't way-too-politcally-correct, this tweet would have said, "Matt Leinart knocked up Jordan Cameron's sister." Instead, we got this:


*I lost my NIT pool thanks to an epic choke job by Colorado and a pathetic showing from Washington State in the semifinals. Brutal.

*On the NCAA front, my bracket is a mess like most everyone else's but at least I have Kentucky going strong. If they reach the title game, I can still win my pool.

*Just a guess, but I don't think Grant Hill shed any tears when he read this:

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