Friday, April 29, 2011

NFL Draft Thoughts - Day One

*If I'm the Browns at this point, here is what I do:

1- Trade pick 37 for a 2012 first rounder and a fourth rounder this year.
2- Trade pick 59 for a 2012 first rounder.
3- Use the rest of my 2011 picks on defensive players.
4- Make sure there is no football in 2011.
5- Draft an entire offense (specifically wide receivers) in 2012 when they will have four first round picks.

Cleveland fans can expect a lot more of this
with no skill position players for Colt to throw to.

*If I'm the Bills, I am taking Da'Quan Bowers at 34. To think they could get Dareus and Bowers without trading anything would have been unthinkable last month.

*I still think Ryan Mallett will be the best quarterback in this draft. Whoever gets him at this point is getting a steal.

*Best of Day One:

-Lions: Good luck running against these guys with Nick Fairley and Suh.

-Giants: Prince fell into their laps and they grabbed him. Well done.

-Eagles: Danny Watkins is not a sexy pick, but he fills an area of need.

*Worst of Day One:

-Panthers: I don't think they got the best player in the draft despite having the top pick. To me, that's inexcusable.

-Texans: How could they pass on Prince? Their secondary was/is awful, and the depth of the defensive linemen in this year's draft is far greater than that at cornerback.

-Jaguars: Quarterback was not the problem. Now, they have two of them and no second round pick.

*Need More Info:

-Cardinals: Adding Patrick Peterson vastly improves this defense, but who will line up under center?

-Patriots: Eventually, they have to use some of these future first round picks that they acquire, don't they? Ingram would have been perfect for them.

-Jets: Will passing on Bowers come back to haunt them if the Patriots or Bills take him early in the second round? Muhammad Wilkerson better have been worth it.

*I know they were on a tight deadline, but for Don Banks and Mel Kiper to leave Brooks Reed and Akeem Ayers, respectively, out of their second round mock drafts puts the whole exercise into question.

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