Sunday, September 25, 2011

11 Things I Know I know: Week 3

1. I know the most impressive team of the day was the Buffalo Bills. We - specifically this author - have used the western New Yorkers as the butt of our jokes repeatedly for the last 15 years or so. It's time to give them their due credit.

Down 21-0 24 minutes into the game, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick rallied the troops, and led the Bills to a stunning 34-31 victory. They are now 3-0. Really incredible. This team might be legit.

Tom Brady did his part by throwing four picks too.

Two other notes about this game:

-Wes Welker won a lot of games for his fantasy football owners with his ridiculous 16-catch, 217 yard, 2 touchdown masterpiece today. Great game, but it was not enough (at least in the real world).

-The way Brady stands in the pocket - like a statue - drives me absolutely crazy. He is going to get popped one of these days, and I probably won't feel too badly about it.

2. I know the second most impressive team of the day was the New York Giants. Presumed dead after their lackluster performance in the opening stanza of the season, Tom Coughlin has somehow righted the ship in two short weeks. The G-Men are now division leaders. Well done.

Victor Cruz, have a day kid.

And how about that last place Dream Team, huh? They now have Mike Kafka at the helm as they try to save their season since Michael Vick will probably be out for a week or two with a broken hand.

3. I know the least impressive team of the day was the Atlanta Falcons.

Absolutely no heart, no fight, and no excuses. The last play of this game sums it up perfectly: up by three with under a minute left and the ball near midfield, Josh Freeman somehow drew the Falcons offsides on a fourth down when everyone in the stadium knew they weren't going for it. An unacceptable mistake typifying the effort put forth by this Atlanta squad.

Things are going poorly when Roddy White is dropping passes and that's exactly what happened today. After being so high after last week's win, this loss should knock them back to Earth.

4. I know the second least impressive performance of the day was put forth by the St. Louis Rams. The fell behind 21-0 in the first quarter, showed next to no fight whatsoever, and simply did not belong on the same field as the Ravens.

Also have to tip my proverbial cap to Torrey Smith whose first three career receptions (all in the first quarter of this game) went for touchdowns. Nicely done.

5. I know that I am completely sick of hearing analysts, commentators, talking heads, or anyone pretending to know anything about football praise Gregg Williams and his New Orleans Saints defense. What is everyone's infatuation with this guy? Great, he brings some pressure. It means nothing. They are still terrible.

6. I know it's Christian Ponder time in Minnesota. After today's collapse, the Vikings have now blown double-digit, second-half leads in each of the season's first three games. I wish I could verify this was a record, but I can't imagine it's ever happened in more consecutive games.

Matthew Stafford (and the 3-0 Lions), like Josh Freeman last week, woke up in the second half against the Vikings after being held completely in check for the first 45 minutes. Good teams play for a full 60. Unfortunately, the Vikings do not.

This is a bad team in need of a youth infusion.

7. I know the only bad thing about the Red Zone channel is they are contractually obligated to televise games like San Fran-Cincinnati, Miami-Cleveland, Jacksonville-Carolina (no, rookie quarterbacks playing in a monsoon is not entertaining), and Denver-Tennessee. Pretty terrible slew of 1:00 games today mixed in with some gems like New England-Buffalo and Houston-New Orleans.

8. I know that Chris Johnson has not looked like himself in over a year now. He rushed for only 21 yards on the day against Denver, and I would be extremely concerned if I were a Titans fan. Tennessee's 2-1 record looks to be a mirage especially with WR Kenny Britt now out for the year.

When/why did this dude become twinkle toes?

9. I know that no team in the NFL can stop the Green Bay Packer offense. They won the Super Bowl without the services of Jermichael Finley who adds another potent dimension to this unit (just ask the Chicago Bears about that).

You blitz them, Rodgers picks you apart. You drop seven or eight into coverage, Rodgers waits an extra second and then picks you apart. You better be ready to win a shootout if you have any hope of beating the champs.

10. I know that Reggie Bush was the best free agent acquisition of the offseason. Ok, just making sure you were still paying attention. He has been terrible and so have the Dolphins. After a decent Week 1, Bush has 42 rushing yards, 15 receiving yards, and a fumble lost over the last two weeks. Reggie, I don't think that big contract s coming anytime soon. Nor do I think the 0-3 Dolphins are turning this thing around anytime soon.

11. I know the Cowboys will beat the Redskins on Monday Night Football, 31-24. Editor's note: In the three MNF games so far, my predictions have been off by a total of nine points.

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