Friday, September 16, 2011

College Football: Week 3 Picks

Feeling pretty good so far about my college football picks as I'm batting .750. Going to be hard/impossible to keep up this pace, but let's try. It's going to be a light week because the games are so uninspiring.

North Texas +47: North Texas' Lance Dunbar can keep this under a seven-touchdown game, right? Seven touchdowns?

Pick of the Week - Oklahoma -3: Until Florida State wins a big one, I'm not buying them as national title contenders. I would call this a big one.

Upset - Michigan State +6: The Spartans have the straw in their hands. Will the Irish allow it to break their backs? I'm guessing yes. Plus I.m two-for-two betting against the Irish.

Record: 9-3 (PoW: 2-0; Upset: 1-1)

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