Sunday, October 23, 2011

11 Things I Know I Know: Week 7

1. I know the Jets did exactly what I expected them to against the Chargers. Well, at least in the second half they did. A fluke fumble by Dustin Keller was returned for a score putting New York behind early. Then Mark Sanchez threw his token goal line interception, and they trailed by 11 at the half. But, the Jets showed some resiliency.

They chipped away and battled back to finally take their first lead of the day midway through the fourth quarter. Then the Norv Turner - Philip Rivers combo took over and ran one of the worst two minute offenses I ever remember seeing. Game over.

Chargers fans recognize this face.

The win moves them to 4-3 as they head into the bye.

Another great sign for the Jets is that they are now 4-0 at home. They haven't won more than five home games in a season since 2004 but look to be on their way this season. Now if they could only win a roadie (0-3 so far).

2. I know the Raiders looked like complete fools this week. First they overpay for Carson Palmer, then they start Kyle Boller who throws three picks, and then they let Palmer take a shot only to see him throw three interceptions. Maybe old #3 will turn things around - they can't get much worse - but the early returns are not positive.

3. I know the Titans blew a golden opportunity to seize control of the AFC South. The Texans came to town and demolished Tennessee. Chris Johnson looked terrible again (18 yards rushing on 10 carries and 27 yards receiving on 6 catches). What happened to this guy?

4. I know the Suck for Luck contest is in full effect, and my pick to win it might surprise: the Cardinals. The Dolphins have to be the favorite, but the teams that follow really don't have a need for a franchise quarterback - Rams (Sam Bradford, Colts (Peyton), Jaguars (Blaine Gabbert), Vikings (Christian Ponder) - until Arizona where Kevin Kolb is not the answer.

5. I know the Lions honeymoon is over. Back-to-back losses has Detroit at 5-2 and the upcoming stretch will be incredibly challenging: at Tebows, at Bears, vs Carolina, vs Green Bay, at New Orleans. They'll be lucky to come out of this more than two victories.

6. I know teams coming off byes are now 3-9. I'm chalking it up to the new rule that mandates players get at least four consecutive days off at some point during the bye. Is that the main culprit? I have no idea, but it's definitely plausible.

7. I know never to bet against Tim Tebow. Part Messiah, part Steve Young, part bowling ball, part anything good in the world. For some unquantifiable reason, the guy just finds ways to keep his team in games. The miracle in Miami that he pulled off today just adds another chapter to his storybook career. And yes, winning national titles at the high school and college levels, being a first round pick and starting in the NFL qualifies as storybook to me.

Not always pretty, but always effective.

Side note: one of the funniest thing I saw on Sunday was Kyle Orton, Denver captain, going to midfield for the overtime coin flip. It's like John Fox can't come up with enough ways to kick Orton while he's down.

8. I know this was a brutal week for running backs around the league. Tim Hightower, Beanie Wells, Earnest Graham, Willis MacGahee, Tashard Choice, and Joe Addai were all banged up during game action and Marshawn Lynch was injured during pregame activities which prevented him from playing at all. Very painful week for a lot of these teams.

9. I know the 49ers win when they don't even play. They had a bye this week and watched every other team in their division lose. I might have to amend my guess that San Fran will clinch in Week 12. Could be a lot earlier than that.

10. I know the BCS needs to go. Case in point: in tonight's standings, Nebraska is ranked one spot ahead of Wisconsin. On October 1st, the Badgers throttled the Huskers by 31 points. Makes no sense, just like the whole system currently in place.

For what it's worth, the Big East - one of six conferences with an automatic berth into the BCS - has no teams ranked in the top 24. West Virginia is the conference's first representative at number 25.

11. I know the Ravens will beat the Jaguars on Monday Night Football, 27-16. For some reason, I actually think Gabbert can lead a few scoring drives. Maybe it's his hair, maybe it's because he'll be flanked by MJD. Either way, I think the Jags keep this relatively entertaining.

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