Thursday, October 13, 2011

NFL: Week 6 Picks

A 2-2-1 week would have catapulted me up into the top 18% of the SuperContest standings. On a related note, I have one major complaint about this contest, and it would drive me insane if I were actually in it this year: the standings. Take a look here at how they are tabulated. I think an illiterate three year old is maintaining this site. For $1500, I would expect A LOT more. They could start with the rank. I digress. On to the picks:

Eagles PK: This game is for Philly’s season. If Michael Vick cannot lead his team to victory in DC on Sunday, we can start talking about the version 2012 Dream Team because the 2011 one will be finished. It’s impossible to come back from a 1-5 start and still make the playoffs. In my “11 Things” column, I somewhat boldly predicted the Eagles will make the playoffs which means I think they are going to win this game.

Bears -3: I am not a defensive coordinator but what is stopping the Bears from putting nine guys in the box to shut down AP and forcing Donovan McNabb to beat them? I can’t think of a single thing. Chicago got embarrassed on MNF by a top-5 team in the league. I don’t think they will let a bottom-5 team do the same thing to them on national television this week.

Packers -15: The best team in the league is playing at home against the worst team in the league. This spread should be closer to three touchdowns than two. The only thing I can see working in the Rams’ favor is they are coming off a bye week. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a new team during that bye so I’m guessing they’ll still suck.

Is 6 touchdowns too aggressive of a prediction for this guy on Sunday?

Panthers +4: I’m backing Cam Newton every week until he fails to cover. The Falcons, much to my dismay, are not a good team, or at least they have not played like one this year.

Miami +7: I hate this matchup for the Jets. They do not thrive when people expect them to play well. Miami’s season is basically over at this point, and they are set to play spoiler for the next 12 weeks. Recent history is also working against the Jets as the Dolphins have won their last three trips into the Meadowlands.

In Miami’s last 36 games (2009, 2010, 2011 seasons combined), they are 14-22 overall.

During that time, they are 3-1 against the Jets and 11-21 against everyone else. They just seem to have this team’s number.

Miami is also coming off their bye week. I think the Jets win but not by 7.

Record: 13-9-3

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