Thursday, October 20, 2011

NFL: Week 7 Picks

As we've covered before, no winning week is a bad week. However, after hitting my first three games, I finished 3-2. Not bad, but not good enough to make a move in the SuperContest.

Jets +2: I love this game. Really really love it. Being a home 'dog is a slap in the face no matter whom you are playing. Rex Ryan will use that as motivation. Also working in the Jets' favor is the cross-country trip the Chargers have to make to play the early Sunday game. The Chargers are also coming off a bye, which I think is a bad thing this year since players are mandated to take four consecutive days off in a row. Expectations are low for the Jets (that's when they have thrived under Ryan) and sky-high for the 4-1 Chargers. Look who this team has beaten: Minnesota (1 win on the season), Kansas City (2 wins), Miami (0 wins), and Denver (1 win). That's four combined victories in 21 games. Not impressive at all.

Matchups work in the Jets favor as well: Jets D can contain Chargers O; Jets O can actually score on the Chargers D; Chargers special teams are awful while the Jets special teams have been great.

Love. This. Game.

Gotta think this guy has at least one big special teams play on Sunday.

Panthers -1: John Beck is the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins this week. No one in the Redskins organization wanted this to happen (including their best WR, Santana Moss). Rex Freakin Grossman beat him out in the preseason. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know, you are not a football fan.

Colts +15.5: Give Indy credit. They are still playing hard. For that reason, I think they will show up in primetime on Sunday Night Football to keep this game interesting. It also helps that anyone can score on the Saints defense.

Falcons +3.5: Football is a momentum game and after a tough loss, I'm guessing the Lions will struggle in this game. They felt invincible until last week but the 49ers proved otherwise. On the flip side, Atlanta beat a Carolina team that's no joke anymore. They seem to be trending upwards.

Denver Pk: Did you watch the MNF game against the Jets? The Dolphins are an abysmal team. Tim Tebow's homecoming will bring out the Broncos fans in full force making it feel like a home game for Denver. Your opportunities to bet against Matt Moore are dwindling quickly. Get in on the action while you can. Suck for Luck in full effect.

PSA: This chump is starting for Miami at QB

Record: 15-11-3

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