Friday, October 7, 2011

This is Getting Weird

Three famous sports writers have tried to steal my thunder in the last five days. This is getting really weird.

1) I write my "11 Things" articles on Sunday nights in order to beat Peter King to the punch. Good thing I did or everyone would think I was plagiarizing his work instead of the other way around. Look at the first five topics of his MMQB on Monday:

Do these look familiar? They should. See my "11 Things" from Sunday night:

Lions (see #1 in 11 Things):

Cam Newton (see #8 in 11 Things):

Eagles (see #2 in 11 Things):

Cowboys (again refer to the end of #1 in 11 Things where he copies my thought verbatim).

Wes Welker (see #9 in 11 Things):

2) Buster Olney - not nearly as egregious - followed my tweet about 3 seconds after I made it describing Joaquin Benoit's nasty slider:

3) Finally, in today's weekly picks, Bill Simmons basically quotes my article from last night.



Let's go fellas. You are all better than this.

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