Sunday, November 27, 2011

11 Things I Know I Know: Week 12

1. I know it's time for the Jets to seriously consider an alternative to Mark Sanchez. Watching him - at least from the perspective of a Jet fan - is as nerve-wracking as anything I've seen in sports since having to endure the John Franco years in Flushing with the Mets. I don't think Mark Brunell is a better option for the rest of the year so it looks like we are stuck with Sanchize, but GM Mike Tannenbaum needs to bring in some talent under center for 2012. Maybe some competition will light a fire under Mark.

While he's add it, some skill position players who did not play in the Big 10 wouldn't hurt either.

Sanchez had one of the least impressive 4 TD games I can ever remember

2. I know Norv Turner needs to be fired. He is an absolute disastrous game manager (how do you not call timeout with 2:38 left in the game?), he motivates no one, and the Chargers have never developed a killer instinct during his tenure. Tim Tebow ran / willed the Broncos to victory today in one of the most boring, obvious game plans we've seen all year.

Time to go, Norv.

3. I know Andy Reid deserves another year. Sure, this Dream Team turned into a nightmare, but the guy has turned the Eagles into consistent winners. Even if they fail to make the postseason this year, Philadelphia has reached the playoffs in nine of the past 12 seasons. The Eagles have had only one losing season under Reid since 2000. Give the guy a chance to redeem himself. He's earned it.

4. I know the schedule down the stretch drastically favors the Cowboys in their quest to win the NFC East. Dallas will be favored in their next three games while the Giants will be underdogs in their next three (including on Monday Night Football tomorrow). New York needs to spring at least one upset if they want to play into January.

5. I know the Colts have clinched the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Indianapolis is now 0-11. Call me crazy, but I think Alabama RB Trent Richardson would do more for this organization over the next 7-10 years than Andrew Luck would. I also think next week's Indy-New England game might have the largest spread of the year (-20?).

6. I know it was a great week for leap-frogging defenders. Check out these two hops by LaGarrette Blount and Roy Helu, respectively: Here and here.

7. I know Stevie Johnson's Plax-Shooting-Himself celebration would have been 1000 times cooler if he didn't drop a game-winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter.

Johnson shooting himself in the leg would be followed in the fourth
by him shooting himself in the foot.

8. I know the only remotely interesting thing about the NFC West over the last five weeks of the season will be watching Patrick Peterson try to break the single-season punt return record. With his TD return today, PP has four this season, which ties the mark for one year.

9. I know the University of Miami alums started a new streak today. Week 11 marked the first time in 150 consecutive weeks that a former Hurricane did not score at least one touchdown. Reggie Wayne's 56-yard touchdown catch today got the U back on the right track.

10. I know that I couldn't be any less excited for the potential BCS title game rematch of LSU vs. Alabama. Why should LSU have to beat a team they already defeated on the road earlier in the year? Give the Tigers the title and we'll watch everyone else in compete in the other BCS bowls.

11. I know the Saints will knock off the Giants 34-17 tomorrow night. I don't see how New York can contain Drew Brees.


  1. I disagree on point #5. Running backs are a dime a dozen. No RB should ever be taken in the first round. It’s been proven time and again that you can pretty much plug in any RB and lose little or no productivity. First round picks should be reserved for QBs and linemen.

  2. Very fair point, but I think Trent Richardson is a different beast.

    I also think Andrew Luck is overrated. Not saying he can't be a solid NFL starter, but mix in a throw to a WR once in a while. We get it, you can throw to your TEs and RBs.