Sunday, November 6, 2011

11 Things I Know I Know: Week 9

Full-fledged 11 Things will return in about a month, but here are some brief thoughts:

1. I know the Denver Tebows are one game out of the playoffs. Sure, they are 3-4 and need to jump three teams in their division, but let's give the Second Coming another few weeks before demanding his benching.

2. I know the Giants were the team of the week. Hard to argue with this one, either, as they went into Foxboro and came away with a victory despite being down twice in the fourth quarter alone...and despite employing Aaron Ross on their team. Even more impressive without Ahmad Bradshaw.

3. I know the Jets showed America the Bills are a fraud. What a terrible performance by Buffalo at home. New York's defense clearly got the rest it needed during the bye week and looks primed for a huge second half.

4. I know the Colts have the lead all to themselves in the Suck for Luck Race. I don't know what they would do with the pick, but I'm excited to find out. If Indy can't win one of their next two games (vs Jacksonville, vs Carolina), they might be staring at 0-16.

5. I know the 49ers are 7-0-1 against the spread this year. Why do I continue to doubt this team?

6. I know it's garbage that Alabama only dropped to 3rd in the BCS. They had their shot against the #1 team in the country and blew it. Stanford and Boise State have every reason to feel robbed.

7. I know the Bengals are legit contenders. I can't believe I just wrote that.

8. I know the Chargers are about to go on their typical second half of the season run. I thought they gained a lot of confidence as the game progressed today, and Phil Rivers can't be this bad all year.

9. I know the Saints are flying under the radar this season but figure to be a dangerous team in the postseason. In fact, this year's NFC playoffs could be among the best ever with Green Bay, San Fran, New York, New Orleans along with two of these teams: Philly, Detroit , Dallas, and Atlanta.

10. I know Thursday Night football starts this week. Make sure you set your fantasy lineups.

11. I know the Eagles will beat the Bears tomorrow night, 34-17.

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