Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick Thoughts

*The Falcons were upset that the Saints called plays that allowed Drew Brees to set the all-time passing record last night? Instead of whining, stop the guy. Just because Sean Payton called the plays doesn't mean you have to let them be successful. Look in the mirror before complaining.

*The Mets are getting rid of their Class A team in the Gulf Coast League because it will cost them about as much money as they pay Jason Bay to play every three weeks. Bite nose, spite face.

*First it was TJ Ford enjoying the fruits of Croatia and now another heralded college point guard will be doing the same: Khalid El-Amin. Smart guys.

KEA, just as svelte as I remember him

*Maybe I'm old school but I am not a fan of all the flair NBA players are wearing these days. And, yes I know I sound like a greybeard when I say that. I would estimate that a quarter of the players in the league wear either two arm-sleeves or two knee pads with half of that total wearing both. No matter how much clothing you wear now, no one is forgetting about those short shorts of the 80's.

*I'm a little late to the game on this one, but it's a pretty cool article about paying NBA players based on their on-court production.

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