Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14 Thoughts

Time constraints are preventing me from writing a full "11 Things" article, but here are a few thoughts.

-Tim Tebow is Christ. Impossible to argue so don't even try.

-Marion Barber was put on this Earth to make Christ look good. He cost the Bears the game today by not going out of bounds with under two minutes to play. Not his fault. God made him do it.

 God's Will, not Marion Barber's, be done

-During the Denver game, they showed a clip of kicker Matt Prater making a 70-yard field goal during pregame warmups. Would have been really cool to see him attempt one of those in the game.

-San Diego was one miracle away from being a game out of first place with three to play. Now, they are two games out and need help from either Buffalo or Kansas City in order to reach the playoffs. Can't see it happening.

-Ryan Succop's pathetic attempt at an onside kick (it went two yards) epitomizes how bad the Chiefs are. Man, that was ugly.

-The Jets took advantage of today's favorable schedule. They beat the last place Chiefs and then sat back and watched their closest wildcard competitors fall to each of their respective first place opponents: Cincinnati (lost to Houston), Tennessee (to New Orleans), and Oakland (to Green Bay).

-Early in the year, Detroit started slowly and was forced to win from behind. Today, that script was reversed. I'm excited to see what this offense can do when they are firing on all cylinders for all four quarters.

-If the Josh Freeman honeymoon wasn't over already, it is now. Tampa Bay is terrible.

-Raise your hand if you can figure out the Eagles or the Dolphins. Me either.

-The loss of Greg Jennings could be huge. On the bright side, the Packers really don't need him for five or six weeks.

-The 49ers ineptitude in the red zone today might have cost them the number two seed in the NFC. They have zero shot of beating New Orleans in the SuperDome so San Fran better not slip up the rest of the way.

-Good for Pats' offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien for calling out Tom Brady, who was in the midst of calling out wide receiver Tiquan Underwood after a red zone interception. That was a terrible throw, and it looked like Brady was blaming someone else.

-How cool would it be to have the reputation of being "the strongest man on the planet"? Cris Collinsworth bestowed that honor on Giants DT Linval Joseph.

-Speaking of the Giants, there was no volume on the television I was watching during the first quarter of tonight's game. I can't figure out why the JPP sack was ruled a safety. Romo was clearly out of the end zone when he was tossed backwards. If the referee ruled that Romo was choosing to run backwards, why was the play blown dead as soon as he fell down?

-James Harrison deserves to be suspended not just for his Thursday Night cheap shot against Colt McCoy but for the multitude of fine-earning hits he has made over the years, just like N-kong Suh.

-Seattle will beat St. Louis tomorrow night, 33-to-who cares.

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